The company Centre of Technology Transfer EMAG Ltd. was founded on October, 1st 2010 as a result of the entry into force of the new law on research institutes. The task of the company is, above all, to transfer technological solutions of the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG to commercial users. Consequently, the company has taken over all logistics, marketing, commercialisation activities from the Institute EMAG. Within the first months of its operation the CTT EMAG has become a significant supplier of state-of-the-art, unique technologies in hydraulics, control engineering, industrial measurement, geophysical systems and energetics. This immense success results, on one hand, from wide recognition of the EMAG brand, from the trust our customers and partners place in us and from our strong production and technological background. On the other hand, high flexibility of operation, optimisation of the customer assistance processes and personal commitment of our staff has also contributed significantly to the dynamic expansion of the company.

Together with our consortium partners: the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG and companies TELVIS, EMAG SERWIS and SEVITEL, we have capacity to fulfil all needs of our commercial partners. The partnership in consortium guarantees us also unlimited access to the research background, technical assets and know-how. A growing absorptivity of the mining technologies market especially in high-technologies sector, an immense growth of the coal production in the global markets and a social pressure on labour security and environmental protection make us look ahead with optimism and hope for further dynamic expansion. We are calling for Your cooperation!