ZEP-1 - Electro-pneumatic valve


The device is used to control the flow of compressed air in the pneumatic systems of high-efficiency machines and devices. The reset of the electro-pneumatic valve is performed mechanically or electrically with the use of the SEMI-2/1/P intrinsically safe controller.


Informacje techniczne

construction type: slide-based
outside diameter of the passage: 54 mm
outside diameter of the connection: G2
casing protection degree: IP 54
ambient temperature: 5° ÷ 60°C
relative humidity: up to 95%
size: 90 x 120 x 364 mm
weight: about 15 kg
working position: any
Electrical parameters
- supply voltage of the SEMI-2/... controller: 10,2÷13,8 V DC from an intrinsically safe power supply with the maximum output current of 1.6 A
- conductor outlet: cable inlet 
- resistance of the controller coil: 110 ± 10 Ω
- maximum admissible parameters
Ui = 14,1 V
Ii = 1,6 V
Li ≈ 0, Ci ≈ 0
operation type: continuous
lubrication: oil mist
medium: compressed air
maximum working pressure: 0,90 MPa
minimum working pressure: 0,18 MPa
flow with nominal pressure (0,6 MPa): about 1600 m3/h

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